Recent thoughts on suffering

My devotional readings for this week included:

Exodus 2:11-15, about Moses killing an Egyptian and having all his plans for the future erased in a moment (until 40 years later)
2 Chron 9:13-31, about Solomon’s great accomplishments
Job 37:14-24, about not questioning God’s wisdom when everything seems to go wrong
Ezekiel 6, yet another example of Ezekiel’s message of judgment to a nation that didn’t listen
Luke 6:27-38, about being willing to respond in love when we are mistreated
2 Tim 2:20-26, about how to gently confront those who oppose my ministry

I also spent some time looking at the beatitudes in Luke 6 and Matthew 5 (see my post here), about being willing to trust in God’s blessing when we are mistreated by the people around us.

Often I see a theme for the week. This week, it seems related to encountering suffering and opposition (except for Solomon in 2 Chronicles). So I am struck by the question, Am I ready to face mistreatment and persecution with joy? Life is good for me right now, and people like and respect me. I don’t necessarily expect that to change. But would I be ready for it if it did? A sobering thought …

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