How I Solved David’s Puzzle With No Money Down

My brother David held a giveaway for his 100th blog post. One was for the first person who could solve a puzzle he composed. I won! Afterwards he asked me to write the story of how I solved it.

Here’s the puzzle:

To win prize package number three you must send me the best set up for a punch line I provide. Ah but it’s trickier still. Not only do you have to come up with a set up which actually makes sense with the punch line, but you have to discover the punchline by solving the riddle/poem below. Then you have to send me your set up and the punchline …

Here’s your riddle/poem:
If this is five, and the word is tan
Find the first four and then
Find each word and find the first
Put them together and do your worst.

You have to use information from his blog to solve it.

Here’s my description of how I solved it.

Here’s a review of David’s book, The Hidden Life, which I recommend.

Here’s information about David’s Hidden Life conference. I’m hoping it will be held here sometime this fall.

Still to come: I’m trying to finish up some of the 30 or so books I’m in the middle of. I’ll probably post some mini-reviews of them as I finish them.

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