End times

I keep running into people who tell me that end-times theology doesn’t matter.

Here’s why it matters to me:

  1. The clearer my understanding of end times gets, the easier it gets to understand Scripture. Like it or not, a lot of Bible passages point to end-times events, and the better I understand the Scriptural perspective of end times, the clearer those passages get.
  2. As Christians, we are called to wait for Jesus to return and set up the kingdom of God on earth.

Speaking of this second point, I had this conversation with another Christian recently:

Me: I like to point to Christ as the answer when someone tells me they want to see social injustices like racism eliminated.

Him (interrupting): Well, that‘ll never happen.

Me: Actually, it will, when Jesus returns.

Him: Oh, well … yeah, I guess so.

This stuff makes a difference!

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